copy cat

copy cat

Witchery blue cami

Black vest
255 AUD –

Zagliani gold purse
1 900 AUD –

Finn rose gold diamond bracelet
1 720 AUD –

Niza Huang silver jewelry
580 AUD –

Urban Decay shadow brush
68 AUD –

Nadia Assssboulhosn

Nadia Assssboulhosn

Shawl collar jacket
340 AUD –

T by alexander wang shorts
120 AUD –

Boohoo Nadia Mesh Detail Bodysuit
40 AUD –

NIKE sports bra
55 AUD –

Giuseppe Zanotti heeled sandals
1 260 AUD –

Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly

RED Valentino faux fur coat
650 AUD –

Victoria s Secret underwire bra
415 AUD –

440 AUD –

Juicy Couture blue jeans
255 AUD –

Vegan shoes
38 AUD –

GUESS beaded jewelry
19 AUD –

Chantecaille matte eyeshadow
89 AUD –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
58 AUD –

Cow hide ottoman
505 AUD –

Figure it out and Werk

your new size – you are still the same shape- but you now can’t pull it all o[n/ff]

Hardest parts about restoring weight.

-Resetting your mentality- changing the way you think will resolve a lot of the negativity. Challenge those thoughts.

-The dosh to pay for a restored wardrobe- its ‘defeating’ having to try on new clothes and having none of them fit because you are unsure of your ‘new shape’. Then emotionally unattaching yourself from the clothes. Make it cost effective.

-Learning your ‘new’ body- most of us have a false sense of our own body. Just like when we hear our own voice and think ‘ew, is that me’. Don’t be discouraged and just focus on what fits.
No haters please. Every body is beautiful. ‘what a load of positive crap’. Ah, no. I’m serious. I have never looked at someone and thought ‘oh no child, you got a “bad” body’ I’ve only ever thought ‘if only they knew how to show it all off, because damn they got every thing going for them’

My professional advice

Buy as you go along, if you are someone who likes to have the latest trends, buy things that are low cost and look timeless, recycle, borrow and swap.
If you are more patient or aren’t as fussed over wearing a new outfit every day, buy quality staple pieces. Stay with basic tones and patterns so you can make it different every time you wear it- with a blazer, jewellery, shoes etc.
Once these items don’t fit put them in a vacuum sealed bag with all your storage for when your weight fluctuates.
Buying gradually as you build up to your healthy size saves money and stops frustration.
Even as a personal stylist, knowing how to restyle  and critiquing every outfit around me I still find it hard to perfect myself (as Beyoncé said “perfection is a disease of a nation”)

Wardrobe essentials

here are some items that are a ‘must’ to feel like you have an abundance of different looks. REMEMBER these items fit everyones’ basic needs but you are going to have to do the hard work to make each item suit your shape. We’re not all the same.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 14.02.04

                   4 jackets/coats/sweaters
2 casual trousers
2 dress trousers
1 black dress
1 black 1 white blouse/button up
1 black 1 white 1 grey T-shirt

It works for both women and men.

Feel free to play around with this list.You may prefer to only wear skirts rather than trousers. This simple list can be altered easily, if you want a more detailed private consultation feel free to email to purchase this one on one time.